Aligned In Spirit 002

Our second episode of Aligned In Spirit features abstract artist and up-cycler Harlie Briggs whose work is centred around the celebration of the female form.  Read on to find out how she incorporates sustainability into elements of her art as well as her lifestyle in general.


Tell us about your art. What inspires it?

My art is inspired by the world around us; whether that be the nature that we walk through every day or the people that I meet. My nude pieces are inspired by the strong females around me, whether that be friends or strangers - it's so special that people trust me with their nude and really open up and build on their self-confidence and body acceptance. 



Harlie wears the Connie jeans and the Allegra top.


What does sustainability mean to you and how does this impact your style / fashion choices?

Sustainability is so important to me and my brand! Leaving as little of a mark as possible by re-using packaging where I can and up-cycling pre-loved homeware items. This year I want to delve more into the materials I use to paint with and use biodegradable resources for packaging.


What are your wardrobe essentials / foundations?

My essentials are the pieces that you can re-use for all occasions and are usually of a neutral palette; I love a plain oversized boyfriend shirt, a good pair of jeans and some plain good quality tees! 



Harlie wears the Capella blouse,


How do you slow down / switch off?

My favourite way to slow down is simply to stop and get outside with my pup! Seen as my studio is in my house, it's really important for me to step outside otherwise I will just be in work mode 24/7! Winding down also involves netball and cycling - netball really makes me shut off and not think about anything else for the time being. Although art is now 'work' for me, it doesn't take away how tranquil and relaxing it is to paint too.


Best eco-conscious independent businesses in your area? 

Maison Bleu is a café and grocery store. It's located right by Highbury Fields so is perfect to stop by before a dog walk to pick up some of the most delicious cakes made out of natural products and vegetables. Their selection of vegetables are always exciting and of course they're all plastic free! They also stock small eco friendly businesses so you can find just about anything in there! 




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