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For our third episode of Aligned In Spirit, we interviewed entrepreneur and slow fashion enthusiast, Josephine Phillips, who recently gave tailoring a tech upgrade by launching Sojo - the UK's first app for clothing alterations and repairs.  Read on to find out all about it and to discover her tips for a conscious yet un-compromised lifestyle, clothing and otherwise.



Josephine wears the Crosby Tee


Tell us about Sojo. What inspires it?

At Sojo we believe in a slower way of consuming fashion - in which the clothes that we buy are treasured for a lifetime. We’re on a mission to do our part in the slow fashion movement by making clothing alterations and repairs mainstream. We’ve modernised the tailoring industry by bringing technology and convenience to process unchanged since the 1800’s. We do this by connecting customers to local seamsters through our app and bicycle delivery service so that getting your clothes fixed or fitted can be done with a few simple clicks. We should all be tailoring and repairing our clothes, and by making the process incredibly easy we hope that we can help everyone have a more planet-friendly and long-lasting wardrobe.



Josephine wears the Cyprus Shacket.


What does sustainability mean to you and how does this impact your style / fashion choices?

Sustainability to me means ways of living, behaviours and consumption that aren’t destructive to our planet or the people that are in it. Inherently, it means actions that can be sustained for decades or centuries that aren’t causing harm. In terms of my personal fashion choices this materialises in different ways. First and foremost, I’m trying to create a really considered and long-lasting wardrobe that is consistent with my personal style and of full of quality pieces. It also means shopping second-hand clothes when I can or ensuring I’m buying lifelong pieces from sustainable and ethical brands. At its core though, it means re-evaluating my need to buy clothes entirely, and really trying to reverse the effects of internalising consumerism.


What are your wardrobe essentials / foundations?

My wardrobe essentials definitely have to be two-piece power-suits. I absolutely love how they make me feel and I just think they’re such a bold yet simple look. They are also so versatile- you obviously can wear them for work meetings but also can wear them to weddings or with a bralette underneath and some lipstick you can also just wear it to a dinner/drinks.



Josephine wears the Celine Blazer and the Cagney Shorts

How do you slow down / switch off?

Gosh I definitely don’t think I’m the person to ask. I really struggle to switch off in general – my favourite type of books are business books and that tells you all you need to know!

If I’m totally honest I’m most relaxed in the evening when me and my flatmates have dinner and put on Sex and the City for the 100th time. And if you’re also an SATC fan I also find the Dolly Alderton/Caroline O'Donoghue podcast ‘Sentimental in the City’ which does an analysis of each season/episode incredibly funny and therapeutic by just being such easy listening. 


Best eco-conscious independent businesses in your area?

I live in Shepherds Bush and so I’d definitely say that going to Shepherd’s Bush Market is a great way to support small and local businesses. There’s a great Ethiopian café along that street called Delina Kitchen which I will 100% be working in again now the world has opened up. I don’t know if this counts, but I also live local to the founder of the slow-fashion brand Niminy which I think has such beautiful pieces!



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