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Pride month is upon us, and pink-washing is real. 

For those unaware of the term, pink-washing is a form of performative allyship i.e. flying the rainbow flag without taking any measures to show support to the LGBTQ+ community.  As a new brand, we want be 'less rainbow, more action' and take the opportunity to use our small-but-growing platform to spotlight the queer activists and platforms that share our ethical ethos - as well as LGBTQ+ organisations and media that inspires us.  So, without further ado...





Isaias Hernandez @queerbrownvegan

Isaias, an 'Environmental educator who loves (un/re)learning' dedicates his social platforms to uncovering a variety of climate centric topics, such as 'the rise of vegan capitalism', 'biocultural conversion' and 'food swamps.'  One minute of scrolling through his Insta feed will make you feel like you've just acquired a year's worth of knowledge.


Tori Tsui @toritsui

Tori is a 'climate & environ(mental)' activist, using her platforms to raise awareness about the link between the environment and our mental health as well as racial, governmental and socio-economic issues present in society, in ways that are engaging and informative instead of preachy, which makes us keep scrolling.





Holler Store, Brighton,

Owned by gay coupe Cian Ryan, this insta-worthy boutique is a must-visit for any dog (and its owners) in the vicinity, for everything from premium quality collars and harnesses, to fair-trade chew toys...because the favoured family member deserves the absolute best, right?


Lazy Paige Aromas

Paraben-free and hand-poured London-based Home fragrance brand owned by queer 'Flame Princess' Paige, will have your living space smelling like a spa in no time.  Like us, she's also big into zero waste, encouraging customers to get creative with repurposing their empty jars.





You Exist Too Much

A high recommendation from all major publications, and for good reason.  This self-discovery novel by Zaina Arafat follows the journey of a Palestinian-American girl as she comes to terms with her sexuality and navigates queer relationships.

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With Teeth

Kristen Arnett's latest novel about a lesbian couple struggling to raise their son whilst striving to be a picture-perfect family has received glowing reviews for being deep, dark, funny and sublime all at once.  

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Food 4 Thot

A podcast hosted by Tommy Pico, Denne Michelle, Joseph Osmundson and Fran Tirado, described as 'a multiracial mix of queer writers talking about sex, relationships, race, identity, what they like to read and what they like to eat.' I.e. food and much much more.


Call Me Mother

Author turned journalist Shon Faye chats with the elders and trailblazers of the LGBTQ+ community, bringing together different perspectives about what it means to be queer in the world.


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