We sat down with Paris-based stylist and creative consultant, Sylvie Mus to discuss her handpicked edit of Autumn staples, how location influences her style and which iconic celebrity is her go-to style icon.

Describe your style in three words or less

Minimalistic, casual and chic.

How does your own style inform your styling work for others?

When styling I have a less is more approach and the looks I style are usually very wearable. This is influenced by my own personal style.

What made you choose the Aligne pieces that you selected?

I chose these pieces because they feel natural to the direction in which my style is evolving.

What are your key looks/trends for this season?

This season I’m very drawn to leather blazers and coats.

Born in Rwanda and based between Helsinki and Paris – do you think these places have influenced the way you approach your own styling?

All three locations have a different style and approach to fashion. I think Helsinki has influenced my style with its practicality, but living in Paris inspires me to really dress for myself.

What do you like about Parisian style?

I like that there’s a lot of variety and individualism in Parisian style. I also love how some Parisians can go all out with their daily looks, so I rarely feel overdressed in Paris.

Where would you wear each of your Aligne looks?

The black blazer I’d wear casually when running errands and the coat I would wear visiting art galleries in Le Marais.

Would you say your style is a reflection of your lifestyle – if so, how?

I think my style is a reflection of my lifestyle in quality and my efforts to become more sustainable over time.

Who’s style do you really appreciate/admire and why?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s style in the 90’s inspires me a lot. She had the perfect combo of casual and cool.

How do you approach getting ready each day?

I normally dress according to mood, but when I plan a look in advance I think of the style of the look first, then a colour combination and the silhouette I want to achieve. Once I have those down it’s easy to select pieces from my wardrobe.

Are you a planned or spontaneous shopper?

I’m a planner! I have a wardrobe wish list which I really stick to. I find that impulse buys always end up in the back of my closet and I don’t wear them often. Especially if it’s a piece I’ve bought for an occasion or with one specific outfit in mind.

What’s your advice for shopping consciously/mindfully to ensure you get the most from your wardrobe?

What works for me is focusing on high quality and long lasting materials. I take really good care of my clothes. I also try to avoid trend shopping and favour more timeless pieces.

What do you love about Aligne? Why have you chosen to work with them?

I love the aesthetic of the brand. I chose to work with them because I was inspired by their planet-friendly initiatives. 

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