Aligned In Spirit 004

This episode of Aligned In Spirit features Jazmine Joye, a London-based artist with an Insta feed full of sensual Matisse-esque prints alongside ASMR-worthy videos of them coming to life.  Find out what keeps her creativity flowing...



 Jazmine wears the Cameron Vest and the Courtney Trousers.


Tell us about Jazmine Joye Prints. What inspired it? 

I started a printmaking business last year at the start of lockdown, I had much more time on my hands and wanted to keep my hands busy. I sell limited edition lino prints, mainly inspired by women, I’m just in awe of us! I sell my hand printed pieces on Etsy and promote everything through my Instagram @jazmine.joye where I try to share as much of the process as possible and build a little community of like minded people there. I studied graphics at university and always wanted to start my own business ‘some day’ - I just thought that ‘some day’ would be in my forties or fifties once I’d grown bored of my day job. I’m so overjoyed at the opportunities and happiness its brought me so far and can’t wait to discover what else lies ahead. It’s really tough some days to juggle everything single handedly, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything. I love the freedom of expression it affords me, and I get to meet so many lovely people along the way. 


What does sustainability mean to you and how does this impact your style / fashion choices? 

To me, sustainability means living a more authentic and ethical lifestyle, it’s living life in your own way, but ensuring that that the way we do that doesn’t compromise the experience for those who live after us. It’s forming small habits to create incremental change, and curating a life that you are proud of. I try to choose clothing that has shelf life, I don’t always go after the latest trend, I want things that are going to sit in my wardrobe for years and still look good in 5-10 years time, pieces that can be worn multiple different ways.  I have also made a rule of no impulse buying! Unless it’s from a sustainable/indie brand! This really helps if I sit on a clothing decision for a few days, most of the time I end up not buying it… 





Jazmine wears the Caspian top.


What are your wardrobe essentials / foundations? 

Most of my buys are minimal/neutral style and then one or two more bold pieces. So I can repurpose items and have multiple different outfit options. I’d say my essentials for summer are a good pair of flat chunky sandals, a linen dress or two piece (also the best material for those hot summer days where it gets a bit sweaty). A couple of good pairs of denim jeans, and some good quality vest tops, I love a racer vest top in white. And lots of Gold jewellery to accessorise with! 


How do you slow down / switch off? Inc. any recommendations e.g. books, podcasts, activities 

I switch off by walking my dog or cuddling up to him on the sofa, I’m loving the new competition shows at the moment, like Great Pottery Throw Down and the new BBC one ‘All that glitters’ - such fun and easy watching! I find carving the lino really helps me slow down and go back to basics, its where my love for printing started (without all the marketing and algorithms!) I also love listening to a podcast while I carve and print, my faves at the moment are The Receipts Podcast for fun, unfiltered and hilarious girl time, and I also love Table Manners by Jessie Ware. If I’m feeling like I really need to slow down and do some meditating then I put on some Michael Sealy Sleep Meditations on YouTube and it puts me to sleep if I ahem an overactive mind. 



 Credit: @milkbeachlondon / @jazminejoyce


Best eco-conscious independent businesses in your area? 

Every Sunday there is a Queens Park Farmers Market in the school that hosts local businesses, there is lots of fresh veg, pies, clothes, hot food, flowers, all you can think of!  The Salisbury Wine Store is another great local business that I love going to, they have an awesome selection of wine and also table so you can drink in!  Dark Habit, a Coffee and Wine specialist in Queen's Park. Seasonal coffee from selected roasters and a curated selection of wines.  Milk Beach is a gorgeous independent restaurant that has a lovely atmosphere and great food that changes regularly. 


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