Our Favourite Brunch Spots And What to Wear

There's not much that can't be cured by a good brunch - we think so anyway.  In honour of our favourite Sunday activity, we've pulled together a list of our top avo-toast spots, as well as some outfit suggestions to distract from whatever state you might be in as you tuck into your eggs. 


1. Pachamama - London

Nestled in the centre of Marylebone, this Peruvian/Chinese inspired bar and kitchen serves the most incredible loaded waffles to satisfy those with both a sweet and a savoury tooth.  From grilled plantain coated in peanut butter and cacao nibs to Peruvian fried chicken, the toppings have no limits. Plus, it's open until 4pm on weekends, so no need to rush to get your waffle fix.


We'd wear the Eliza Dress

2. Jolene - London 

Simple and comforting; this Hackney-based haven serves everything from ham and cheese toasties to wild garlic quiches. Their menu changes daily, promising local, quality ingredients.  The stunningly rustic setting is full of interior design tips to steal. Be sure to grab one of their famous crostatas (Italian jam pies) on your way out to save for later!


We'd wear the Emmeline dress


3. Laynes Espresso - Leeds

An eggcelent choice if you're in the mood for satisfying no-fuss breakfast food in a casual setup.  This homely little cate has you covered for coffee, crunch and bite.  Their inventive menu will inspire you to swap your usual omlette for a shakshuka or a kale and onion bubble and squeak.  They also make a mean espresso, as the name suggests.


We'd wear the Carson sweater and the Beda sweatpants


4. The Counter House - Manchester

Vegan or not, this Ancoats-based eatery meets every brunchers needs with their extensive menu.  Greasy fry-up cravings are satisfied in the form of falafel sausage and tofu scramble. Every plate is stacked high and looks just as vibrant as it sounds. They also take smoothies very seriously, with one to heal every kind of hangover.


We'd wear the Ember top


5. Issho-Ni - London

If you fancy immersing yourself in a different culture next time you brunch, this place is one to try.  You may freak out at the idea of sushi for breakfast, but this stylish rustic-chic nook in Bethnal Green might just convince you to start your day with butterfish sashimi, or wagyu kushiyaki. There's even an extensive list of creative desserts to indulge in afterwards, and you can wash everything down with one of their signature cocktails.


We'd wear the Evonne vest and the Caius culottes 


6. Sugardough - Brighton

Cake for breakfast? It that even a question? This colourful, independently owned bakery/restaurant uses traditional baking techniques to whip up the most delicious desserts, from raspberry, lemon and elderflower cake to treacle tart.  Their packed cocktail menu encourages washing everything down with a mimosa or six. They also pride themselves on using local ingredients as well as committing to being completely zero waste.  


 We'd wear the Elaine blouse


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