Who we're supporting this Earth Day


For Earth Day 2021, we're highlighting some incredible businesses, services and individuals that share our ethos and inspire us daily. We'll also be sharing some habits and rituals we've adopted as a team to help us live more eco-conscious lifestyles.  Read on for our recommendations...


Influencers to follow


Leah Thomas is an intersectional environmentalist with a passion for exploring the relationship between environmentalism and social justice.  Follow her for her creative approaches to raising awareness about the importance of a circular economy.


London-based Jihea Kim's motto is low impact, slow fashion and zero waste. Follow her to learn how to navigate mindful living in the big smoke.




Places to eat


Local to us in West London, Farmacy pride themselves in organic and biodynamic ingredients prepared 'between the soil and the sun.' The entire menu is plant-based, free from dairy, refined sugars and additives.

Wulf and Lamb

Offering vegan versions of classic comfort food, Wulf and Lamb draw inspiration from around the world to bring unique flavours and ingredients to their dishes.




Services to use

HURR Collective

HURR is our go-to for renting designer pieces and occasion-wear. The Aligne team will no doubt be making use of this platform as we head back out to socialise.


Newly established; Sojo is a 'Deliveroo-like' service for clothing alterations and repairs. Consider your snapped straps mended and your favourite cardigan restored.




What to drink

Drink Haus

Real ingredients, refreshing flavours and bottles chic enough to upcycle as plant pots...Drink Haus has wine revolutionised.


For every bottle sold, Amie donate £1 to Charity Water, helping to provide those in developing countries with access to clean and safe drinking water. As an added plus, their wine is vegan and their labels are beautiful.




Podcasts to listen to

Brown Girl Green

Reflecting and challenging a range of topics around sustainability, Kristy Drutman advocates diversity and inclusion as well discussing as creative solutions of tackling and coping with the climate crisis.

Conscious Chatter

Hosted by longtime sustainability advocate Kestrel Jenkins, Conscious Chatter is a podcast committed to the planet-friendly fashion space, from fabrics to supply chains. As you can imagine, we're big fans.




Habits to adopt

1. Always carry a KeepCup or flask with you for plastic-free caffeine hits, or tea if that's more your thing.

2. Introduce plant-based days. You don't have to go cold-turkey (pun not intended) but even a couple of meat-free days every week will help reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

3. Try and look for compostable options next time you go grocery shopping. Teabags, coffee pods and bin liners are good places to start.

4. Walk/cycle everywhere you can.  If lockdown has taught us anything, it's how much distance we can cover on foot/two wheels. Let's keep this up and help lower emissions from travel.


Happy Earth Day from the Aligne Team.

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