Our womenswear collections are always designed with the future in mind; contemporary pieces crafted in conscious materials that have been carefully selected due to their green credentials and planet-friendly nature...

Fact: organic cotton is better for the planet. Why? Well, there are significant environmental, social and economic benefits to using organic cotton over its regular - and harmful - alternative….

Organic cotton uses natural processes and fertilizers that are free from toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Regular cotton is one of the most heavily polluting crops, using 16% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides. These nasties can harm land, poison water, and endanger the people and wildlife that rely on these resources.

It takes around 2,700 litres of water to create a regular cotton t-shirt. Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, which reduces the pressure on local water sources. Plus, no nasty chemicals means a cleaner, safer H2O for all.

Organic cotton is fairly-traded and regulated, protecting the lives of farmers and their families, while creating a healthy and planet-friendly farming future.

Truly innovative, EcoVero™ is a game changer. Created using significantly lower emissions compared to standard viscose, these super-soft fibres are produced using pulp taken from renewable resource wood. The wood and pulp is obtained from responsibly managed forests and certified sustainable sources that meet strict environmental guidelines, for added peace of mind.

We see this as a ‘second life’; a second chance for a non-biodegradable material that might otherwise end up in landfill or our oceans. By using recycled polyester, we’re lowering the demand for new petroleum extraction, reducing our overall carbon footprint and considering our climate - recycled polyester production creates 75% less CO₂ emissions than virgin polyester. Yes, 75%...