Celebrating Women | Mother’s Day x Penny Goldstone

Introduce yourself...
My name is Penny Goldstone, I'm a fashion editor at Marie Claire, currently on maternity leave after having my daughter Clementine last summer.

How do you balance being a mother and your career?

I've not yet gone back to work full time but I've been writing the odd article here and there as well as shooting content for my Instagram page and it's definitely a juggling act. At the moment, I try and fit everything into her nap times, and organisation is key. I try and prep as much as I can in advance, whether that's batch cooking her meals or planning and steaming my outfits to shoot.

Did your style change when you became a mother?


It did. It's naturally veered towards a more casual style, especially in winter. Whereas before I'd favour jumper dresses, now my day-to-day uniform is jeans or tailored trousers with an oversized knit or shirt, paired with trainers or chunky boots for all those walks and baby activities. I've been breastfeeding too so have focused on separates that still look stylish but allow me to feed Clementine more easily - so a lot of shirts and cropped jumpers tops, paired with high-waisted skirts.

Style tips for new mums?


Don't feel like you need to buy lots of maternity clothes. The only pieces I bought were jeans to accommodate my pre and post-partum belly, and breastfeeding bras. For everything else I went up a size, or simply wore clothes I already owned (I have a lot of flowy dresses), but styled in different combinations. That way I didn't feel like I lost my style identity.

Best piece of advice your mum gave you?


Do what makes you happy, not what you think will make us happy.

Mums, that inspire you?


Every mum inspires me. I never appreciated how hard being a mum was until I became one, it's the toughest (and most rewarding) challenge in the world, physically and mentally. Women are absolute heroes.

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