Drink Wine and Look At My Art

We sat down with Ruby Hughes, the British creative known for her wonky, but perfect paintings of wine, Sunday night pasta and everyday rituals.
The strawberry blonde vino lover told us about where she seeks inspiration and her favourite spots in London for cacio e pepe.

How was sshepaints born?

I started sshepaints during lockdown as a way of connecting with people - I was drawing people drinking Aperol and eating pasta with personalised notes from them to each other. 'I wish we could do this' Etc. Then my boyfriend moved his bedroom into his living room so I could have a 'studio'. So I could not carry on after that.



How do you seek inspiration for your art?

I get my inspiration from everyday life - The mundane, cups of tea. Chats in the car, what people do at home, literally anything. Me and my friends joke sometimes - That could be on a sshepaints painting, and I'll note it down on my phone.



How have you styled your Aligne pieces/why did you pick them?

I am a very simple dresser - So I've styled the suit with my go to black kitten heels and gold jewelry. I'm obsessed with the suit, Its smart but comfy and casual which is a must when I'm getting dressed. I feel like sometimes when your outfit is put together or smart - I like wearing no makeup and scruffy hair, It's a nice contrast.


Describe your style in three words?

Casual, loose, mismatch,


Favourite Place to eat pasta in London?

Ciao Bella, Trullo!!!



Favourite place to drink wine?

Jolene! Or pub on the park in hackney


What do you have planned for sshepaints in 2023?

Now that would be telling - I want to keep collaborating with interesting brands, and keep growing the sshepaints gang. Focus on events and getting people together - painting, drinking wine, eating pasta all the good stuff!







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