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To celebrate International Women’s Day we sat down with power house Thandi Maqubela, an in-house commercial legal director and content creator. 


What does international women's day mean to you?
It's a day to celebrate all the incredibly valuable contributions and achievements women make to society across a range of industries and platforms.
What women in your life have or still inspire you?
There are almost too many to mention as I'm in awe of most of the women I surround myself with. The women in my family and friendship circle do so many admirable things from founding a business, and having incredible careers in a number of fields, to starting and raising families.
Best piece of advice you’ve been given by a woman?
Back yourself - you deserve to take up space in the room!

How do you navigate working in a male-dominated environment?


There has definitely been a focus on shifting the environment to be more inclusive but I think there is still some way to go particularly at the more senior levels. Quite early on in my career, I decided that I wouldn't compromise on my femininity in order to succeed and in fact I lean into it as it opens up a different leadership style. I've been able to do this while still being authoritative when expressing my thoughts and aspirations.


Why have you chosen the outfit you are wearing?


I think this outfit leads on quite nicely from my thoughts above - wearing a traditionally feminine colour while still cutting an authoritative look. Also, it's definitely something I'd be able to wear both in the office and as separates during downtime. 


Does fashion play a role in empowering you as a woman?


Fashion and getting dressed up according to my personal style is something I very much enjoy and because of this I think it has a positive impact on my confidence levels when it comes to how I present in the workplace -  this can only be nothing but empowering.



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